Lawan Lapar

Fighting For Change At The State And Federal Level

With rampant systemic oppression towards Malaysia’s food producing communities being a constant issue, Lawan Lapar aims to take the voice of farmers directly to the government via a strategic advocacy campaign aimed at upholding their rights SUPPORTING PERAK FARMERS AGAINST EVICTION 15 May 2023 Lawan Lapar supported a memorandum handover organised by Gabungan Petani Perak, […]

Legal Trainings For Farmers And Fishermen In Perak

The government of Perak systemically oppresses food-producing communities—the lifeblood of food security for Malaysians. Lawan Lapar’s legal trainings aim to equip farmers with the knowledge and capacity to resist government oppression and to make a living for all Malaysians. TOWNHALL & BRIEFING SESSION WITH FISHERMEN IN PULAU PANGKOR, PERAK 17 June 2023 Around 50 local […]