Lawan Lapar


Lawan Lapar is a collaborative project by Yayasan Chow Kit, Undi18, and The Fourth, with support from the Bertha Foundation.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Undi 18 co-founder Tharma Pillai, and The Fourth co-founder Ian Yee.


Lawan Lapar is a grassroots campaign which aims to help create solutions to the food security crisis which puts ordinary Malaysians first.

We aim to help underprivileged Malaysians living in urban centres as well as farmers in Perak to ensure that every Malaysian can have secure access to fresh, affordable, and healthy food.


Lawan Lapar’s initiatives aim to tackle the Malaysia’s looming food crisis by fighting for policy change as well as by empowering food producing communities, including farmers, fishermen, and urban-folk in order to make Malaysia a sustainable, food secure nation for all.

meet the team

Tharma Pillai

Co-founder, UNDI18
Yayasan Chow Kit

Tharma is the co-founder and advocacy director of UNDI18. With family ties to Pangkor, Tharma's food security advocacy seeks to uplift the fishermen of Pulau Pangkor as well as food producing communities all over Malaysia by empowering farmers and fishermen to fight for their rights

Ian Yee

Co-founder, The Fourth
Obama Foundation Leader

Ian is an investigative journalist, documentary producer, and co-founder of The Fourth, an independent investigative media company. Moved by the struggles faced by food producing communities in Malaysia, he seeks to expose the key issues facing farmers and fishermen in Malaysia