Lawan Lapar

Guide To Urban Farming

Urban farming doesn’t need to be complicated, difficult, or expensive! Using recycled household items, a few garden centre items, as well as a bit of work and time, you can turn any unused land into a thriving urban farm to produce fresh and wholesome produce for all! What is Urban Farming? Urban farming refers to […]

Lawan Lapar’s Demands

Malaysia is currently very vulnerable and this vulnerability stems from the actions of previous governments that have ignored the needs of the agricultural sector and have focused too much on commodity agriculture and not food crops. The food security crisis in Malaysia is not a risk—it is a reality which now threatens every Malaysian, especially […]

Our Initiatives

Lawan Lapar believes that every Malaysian has the right to have secure access to fresh, affordable, and healthy food. However, Malaysia faces challenges in providing nutritious food to all its citizens.

Lawan Lapar’s initiatives aim to tackle the problem of food supply and food supply holistically, from producer to consumer.